A CHADDERTON lady who has been compiling her family tree has discovered that her grandmother was Jewish. Beryl Ham (nee Simister) has her grandparents' wedding certificate, registered in Prestwich, Manchester, in 1906. The bride is named as Ada Zinnenberg (aged 27) and her profession is listed as cap machinist. Her father Solomon's occupation is down as a plumber journeyman. Ada's 26 year old groom was Roland Johnson Parke.

According to Beryl the couple lived in Ancoats. Sadly Ada died in 1912 aged 35 after giving birth to three daughters Bella, Elizabeth and Elsie. The youngest, Elsie was Beryl's mother.

Roland died a couple of years after Ada. He is buried in a family grave at Philips Park cemetery. But Beryl does not know where her grandmother is buried.

She would like to hear of anyone with knowledge of her grandma Ada Parke (nee Zinnenberg). She can be contacted on 0161-681 3765.

ALLEN ECKERS of New York would like to contact all relatives of Colin and Hilda (Hinde) Kline, who lived in Leeds in the 1940s.

Allen has been in contact with their granddaughter Evelyn, but would like additional contacts. Write to 767 Wenwood Drive, East Meadow, NY, 11554, USA or email

HELEN HUFFMAN of Calgary is reseaching the Fisher family.

Her great grandfather was Albert Bernard Fisher, a cigarette maker in London. His children were Walter Mark, Julius and Jenny or Janet.

Walter married Theresa Marks, the daughter of Moses Marks, a clothier in Sunderland, on August 31, 1904 and they lived at 23 Stanhope St, Newcastle.

Walter was born in 1879 and attended the Bell Lane Jews' Free School around 1885-1892.

He worked at Marine Hotel, Landudno and was also a waiter at the Eldon Hotel, Grey St, Newcastle. He joined the army and was in Calais during 1919. By 1915 he lived at 8 Curzon Street, Gateshead.

Contact 105 Mount Douglas Pl, SE Calgary, Alberta Canada T2Z3N9 or email

WLADIMIR ZANDT of Paris is looking for Jean Montelbacher's relatives in America.

Jean was born in France in 1930. His father was Simon Montelbacher, born on June 4, 1895 in Genievofzov, Poland, whilst his mother was Berthe Perloff, born in Odessa on October 10, 1906. Both his parents were deported in 1942.

He would also like to find Simon Montelbacher, a tailor, who was the son of Judel Montelbacher and Bruha Tenebaum. Write to 83 Boulevard Voltaire, F-75011, Paris, France, telephone 06 14 59 44 22 or email

ROOTS Directory regular NAOMI BARNETT research now takes her to Glasgow. Naomi of Melbourne had put in a search for Selina Silverstein (nee Barnett). She now believes a number of Barnetts lived in Glasgow who were related to Jacob Barnett of Leeds.

''Specifically I would like to make contact with descendants of a Nathan Barnett who played in a band, and Elkie Barnett (no details known, but a male),'' she writes. ''I understand another member of the Barnett family also worked in a restaurant.''

Write to 2 Capri Court, Doncaster, Melbourne, Australia 3108 or email

ELI GOLDSTEIN of South Africa wants to find descendants of the Rosenberg family who were furniture manufacturers and the Glass Family.

Both were connected to Eli's Levin and Levy families originally of Telsiai, Lithuania.

Contact PO Box 78381, Sandton 2146, South Africa, telephone (2711)883-4843 or email

DANIEL GEE is looking for Phyllis Gordon of Leeds. Phyllis would be around 70. She is the daughter of Mary Gordon (nee Myers) and the niece of Florrie Gleek. Email or telephone 07984 044 440

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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