Brazilian WALTER HARRIS is visiting Manchester for a day next month and would like to visit the graves of his grandmother and uncle.

Unfortunately, he doesn't know where they are buried.

Walter's grandmother Sophia Goss was born Sophia Cohen on May 22, 1875. She was married to Marcus Harris and died on March 15, 1936. Walter's uncle, Nathan Harris, was born in 1896 and died in 1957. He lived in Bishop Street, Hightown, Manchester.

Walter will only be in Manchester on June 18, so anyone with information on the whereabouts of the graves should write to Rua Henrique Schaumann, 1180 / 131 05413-011, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil or telephone 55 11 3085 6592.

Roots Directory regular DEREK STAVROU is trying to trace his Kapatovsky relatives.

''I knew that a couple of Kapatovsky brothers, Isaac and Leib, emigrated from Poland to Manchester at the end of the 19th century, and both died in Manchester in 1936,'' Derek writes from Israel. ''I had some success tracing their descendants, many of whom still live in Greater Manchester.

''But there was a dramatic development recently when Robert Becker, a long-lost relative from New York, who is independently tracing his family roots, told me that his great-grandfather Ephraim was a third brother, and established a large dynasty in the US.

''Robert subsequently went to Poland and found a wealth of information about the brothers, and their parents and grandparents.''

Write to 14 Mor St, Kfar Sava, 44242, Israel, telephone 9729 7652108 or email

VICTOR WATSON of Cardiff wants to trace his maternal roots from Tripoli, Libya, circa 1948.

His mother's name was Buhnik. Her parents were Vittorio and Miriam Buhnik, and her grandparents Benjamin and Grace Buhnik (nee Haggiag)

A cousin held a high ranking position in the army or government in Tripoli.

Other relatives Victor is seeking are Dia Labbi (married name Falaah) who emigrated from Tripoli to Israel on the liner Argentina on March 5, 1949. Her Husband was Raphael Falaah, originally a shoemaker. They had six children, the surviving ones are named Nino, Berto and Clemento.

Write to 9 Castell Coch View, Cardiff, Wales.

AMIRAM YIFHAR of Israel is looking for information on the Friedman family who moved to Manchester in 1905 from Romny, Ukraine. The father was a doctor.

Write to Givat Yoav, Ramat Hagolan, Israel or email

JOYCE DEMPSEY of Ireland is trying to trace her mother's Liverpool family.

Joseph and Adelaide Isaac had four children - George, Norman, Edna and Joyce's grandfather Joseph.

Joseph married Mary Smyth of Dublin in 1911 on the Isle of Man. He was killed during the First World War in 1918.

Write to Corrig Wood, Portarlington, Co Laois, Ireland, telephone 35350223387 or email Joyce at

LEAH LEVINE of Ohio wants information on Sir Maurice Bloch who died in Glasgow on February 19, 1964.

Leah believes he had a brother called Joseph and the family owned a liquor company. Contact 3543 Amberacres Dr, Apt #108W, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237, USA or email

The organisers of a Manchester King David High School 50th birthday reunion on June 3 are looking for Brian Newman, a former KDH pupil who was last known to be in Walsall.

Phone (day) 0161-792 2950 or (eve) 0161-796 7782 or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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