STEWART TAUBER of Cumbria wants to find an old friend.

He writes: ''While visiting my father in St Annes, I was looking through the Jewish Telegraph for faces that I might have known in my youth.

''Then, to my surprise, I saw a photograph of myself headed 'Down Memory Lane' in the May 31 issue.

''I was wearing a white jacket. On my left was Harold Goodman, from Liverpool, and on the extreme left was Lenny Harris, who, like myself, was from Blackpool.

''Lenny and I played in a group called The Crusaders in the middle Sixties. He married an Israeli girl called Varda, the sister of a sergeant in the Israel Defence Forces who was based at our camp.

''Lenny's parents owned and ran the kosher hotel The Brereton in Blackpool

He has a sister called Gothelle and when I last heard (20ish years ago) Varda and Lenny were working in entertainment on cruise ships.''

Write to Dale Grid House, Dale View, Cockermouth, Cumbria.

LINDA FINE of California is looking for relatives of Lily Klot, who used the stage name Georgia Brown in London and New York.

Her father Mark and mother Anne (nee Kirschenbaum) are related to Libna's grandfather, Harry Clott.

''We have relatives who visited Lily backstage when she came to New York,'' Linda says. ''And I have found her son in the Los Angeles area, where she is buried.

''We know that Mark had seven brothers and sisters and his father was either my grandfather's brother or nephew.

''It is our understanding that he got ill during the passage to America and got off the ship in England.

''We would like to contact Lily's brother, Henry, wife Nita and/or daughter Suzanne. Or Gillian Burns, daughter of Mark's brother Ruby Burns, who also was an entertainer. We have tried to contact several Gillian Burns in the UK but none are the one we are seeking.

''We have practically completed the family tree in the US and have some extraordinary stories of relatives in Canada, Israel, and Russia.''

Write to 830 Cumberland Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-4046, USA or email

Would the lady who telephoned HAROLD POLLINS with information about brothers Joseph and Harry Binnes who died in the First World War please contact him again on 01865 764487.

VICTORIA BARKOFF of Canada is searching for her mother's double, pictured above in 1945.

She explains: ''During World War Two, a British gentleman visiting Montreal told my mother that she had a double in Manchester. The woman's surname was Moss.

''My mother's great-grandfather, Solomon David Moss, emigrated from Manchester to New York around 1845. My mother thinks her 'twin' may have been named Aileen or Ilene Moss and her father may have been Mayor of Manchester. ''

Write to 4380 Coronation Avenue, Montreal, QC, Canada H4B 2C4 or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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