REVA HILL, of Stanmore, is searching for information on her aunt, Jennie Purcell.

During the 1930s, Jennie became a widow. She lived at 105/107 Manor Street, Belfast, and had several children born between 1905-1910. Two daughters were called Sadie and Leah.

Leah married a man called Berg or Bergman and lived in Liverpool around 1960 they were both deaf and dumb. A son, who was also deaf and dumb, emigrated to South Africa and married a deaf and dumb woman. A daughter moved to Manchester after getting married. Contact 2 Bentley Way, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 3RP or telephone 020 8954 6895.

DA BASNIZKI, Israel, recently found an 'autobiography' of his grandfather in which he wrote that ''in 1868 his father had to send him from his home near Kovno to join family in Hull,'' Jehuda says. ''On his journey to Hull, he got stranded in Germany where he died in 1938.'' Jehuda adds that two cousins were on the kindertransports from Nazi Germany to England. Jehuda's grandfather Isak Basnizki was born in 1853 at Alexhaffen, near Kovno, Lithuania. His great grandfather, Gershon Basnizki, owned a grainmill and died in 1878, while his great grandmother Chajo (Schulberg) died in 1888. Jehuda would like to know which family from Alexhafen reached Hull and who is linked to the Basnizki and Schulberg families. Write to Beit Nakofa 29, Beit Nakofa 90830, Israel or telephone 972 253 42765.

HARVEY Goldstein acted as a matchmaker when he introduced Glaswegian Mark Kaufman to his future wife Karen. Harvey, originally from Salford and now living in Liverpool, met Mark in 1967 in Israel after the Six Day War. Mark, who would now be 53, moved to Cheadle with Karen in 1972, where he worked for Peltours. A year later, the couple emigrated to Australia. Harvey would like to find out what happened to Mark and Karen. If anyone can help him, telephone 0151-733 2958 (day) or email Harvey, left, is pictured with Mark and Karen in the late 1960s.

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