JULIE Shapero of South Africa is in the process of making a family tree for her nine-year-old granddaughter in Australia, but she needs help.

Julie's maternal great-grandfather Jacob was from Russia, while her grandmother, Mary/Mere/Maria Livingstone, was born on August 10, 1880 and died in Johannesburg on November 6, 1948.

She married Morris Shapero in Blackburn in 1898 and emigrated to South Africa between 1902 and 1906. Their eldest son Harold was born in Bolton in 1902 or 1903, while daughter Hannah was born in South Africa on November 9, 1906. Other children were Sylvia, George and Julie's father Saville.

Mary's sister Janey 'Levingstone' married Louis Cohen in Prestwich, Manchester in 1894. Her two daughters, Lily and Rene, married Joseph Heyman and Peter Friedman respectively. Mary had another sister, Lily, and two brothers, names unknown.

Julie's paternal great-grandfather Salo came from Galicia, Austria/Poland and was married to Lea Dank. Julie's grandfather Morris Shapero was born around 1878 in Galicia and died on April 28, 1924. He was buried in Jewish Cemetery, Vryheid, South Africa.

Morris had two brothers, Mendel and David. Mendel, also known as Marks Shapeero, married Fanny Shaffer in Prestwich in 1893. Their first daughter, Annie, was born in Bolton in 1895 and married Max/Mackel Goldstein. They had a son Stanley and a daughter Leonie. Max was the son of Chepsel Goldstein and Fanny Tabachnic.

Other daughters were Ada who married Robert Edelstein; Annie who married Max Goldstein; Minnie married Saul Rutowitz, later Mr Davis; Esther married Aaron Goldberg; Bessie married Robert Sussman; and Sarah (Zena) who married Meyer Meyerson. This Meyerson later married Minnie Goldstein

Write to PO Box 870, Edenvale,Gauteng 1610, South Africa, telephone 27 11 609-8276 or email

REBEKAH Gronowski of East Lothian is seeking more information about her antecedents and possible living relatives.

Her great-grandfather, Joseph Gronowski (Gronnowsky), was born in Krakow in 1838 and moved to England in the early 1850s, settling in Machester.

He briefly went to the Amesbury area in Wiltshire where Rebekah's grandmother Frances was born. She was the youngest of four children (Louisa, Flori and Arthur).

There was apparently a second marriage with two more children - Henry and Elizabeth (Lizzie). The family moved back to Manchester where Joseph was a waterproof manufacturer. He died in Graeme Street, Moss Side, in 1902 at the age of 64.

Joseph's older brother, Simon Jacob Gronowski (Gronnowsky), was born in 1830 in Poland. He came to Manchester in the 1850s so Joseph wouldn't be enrolled in the Russian Army. Simon Jacob died at the age of 70 in 1900 at the London Hospital, Whitechapel - where Rebekah's mother, Doreen (Miriam) trained in the 1920s.

There was a sister, Mascha, who was born around 1834 in Poland. She married a German cousin whose surname was Herman (Heinman); this was later changed within the family to Heyman, Hayman and Harvey (Hervey).

Rebekah believes there could also have been a granddaughter, Shushana (Lily), who would now be in her 90s.

Write to 17 Walden Terrace, Giffod, East Lothian EH41.

JUDY Freedman of Maryland is seeking the descendants of David and Esther (Mestofsky) Freedman, who emigrated from Poland/Russia to Manchester around 1880.

Their children were Annie, who married Mr Marks and had daughters Rosie and Renee; Sam, who married twice and had a son Harry; Joe, who married Hilda, and had a son David; Minnie, who married Lazarus Kress and had children Hyman, Joe, Freda and Doris-Ethel; Barney, who emigrated to America, married Jean and had sons Raymond and Jerome; Morris, who married Jenny and had sons David, Norman and Aubrey; Louis, who married Ray and had children Jean, Cyril and Harry; and Charles, who married Bertha and had children Raymond, Joyce and Doris

Write to 100 Dale Drive Rockville, MD 20850, USA or email

PRISCILLA Levy is trying to find Beverley Burg, who used to live in Cardiff. Priscilla, who lived at 73 Lichfield Road, London and is the daughter of Ike and Lena, was a bridesmaid for Beverley when she married Martin Burg.

Write to 55a Raeburn Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey KT5 9BW,

DOES anyone remember the family of Myer and Millie Harris, who married at Manchester New Synagogue on July 2, 1930? If so, Ros Livshin would like to hear from you.

Millie was the daughter of Abaham Barnett, and Myer the son of Shraga Harris. Myer and Millie lived in the 1940s and 50s at 70 Albert Avenue, Prestwich, and their only child, Pearl, married Lionel Gordon Robinson at the New Synagogue in 1954.

Myer died on January 15, 1950 and was buried at Urmson Cemetery.

Contact Ros on 0161-740 3941.

PAT Howard of Australia would like to hear from anyone who knew her mother's family.

Her mother Sybil's grandparents Abraham and Leah Kerdansky were living in Stanley Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, in 1934. They had at least nine children according to the 1901 census - Sarah, Ettie, Rachel, Sophia, Michael, Solomon, Annie, Fanny and Millie. Sybil is now known as Brenda Finn.

Write to 55 Adina Way, Rockingham 6168, Western Australia, telephone 08 95274622 or email

PROFESSOR Peter Ayres of the Department of Biological Sciences, Lancaster University, needs help with some biographical research.

He is trying to find relatives of Louis Arthur Lucas, the son of Manchester merchant Philip Lucas (mother Juliana, nee Gompertz) and his sister Abigail who married Edward Behrens, a partner in the prominent Manchester firm, SL Behrens.

Louis's death was announced in the Manchester Guardian on December 7, 1876, where he was referred to as ''the African Traveller''.

According to the article, ''he died of fever on board the steamship Massowah off Jeddah, on his return from Khartoum to Cairo, at the early age of 25''

Write to Prof PG Ayres, Department of Biological Sciences, Lancaster University, LA1 4YQ or email

DAVID Pearlstein of Las Vegas is trying to find a record of his grandfather's grave in Leeds. Abraham Levenson died on September 10, 1918 at 21 Browns Square, Leeds, but David cannot find any Jewish cemeteries in the area.

Write to 1400 So Valley View Blvd, Apt 2067, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89102-1638 or email

LINDA Halkin of New York is trying to find Michaela Galkin, last known to be living in Tel-Aviv. Michaela's father and Linda's grandfather were brothers from Russia. Write to 1 Arcadia Dr, Dix Hills, NY 11746, USA

PIERRE Hahn of San Francisco is trying to find the grave of his uncle, Edward Hecht, who died in Manchester on March 6, 1887. Contact Pierre M Hahn, 1388 Gough St, #1102, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA or email

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