Solving a Limerick!

GORDON Rich of Australia is trying to find out about a couple of families.

He explains: ''My wife's grandfather, Barnett Gould, and his wife, Yetta (Gordon), left Augustow in Lithuania in the 1890s and settled in Limerick, Ireland.

''The name Gould, could have been originally Goldfarb(er) or similar. Two other Gordon sisters (Sophie and Rose) married men named Graff - Frank and Phillip: that name became Griff.

''Due to intense antisemitism in Limerick, the Goulds moved to Manchester in 1904. The Griffs left Limerick at a later date. In 1908, Frank left Manchester for Australia - to Broken Hill and Adelaide - and Phillip followed later.

''In 1912, Barnett left Manchester for Adelaide. In 1915/6, their families followed their husbands. However, some of our sources of information suggest that some of those families - probably not their children as they would be too young we think to have stayed on their own in Manchester - remained in the UK and/or went to South Africa.

''My wife's father (Joseph) was born in Limerick, Ireland on August 28, 1901. The family's address was 82 Colooney Street.'' Write to 21 Mullewa Crescent, Coolbinia, Western Australia 6050, telephone 61 8 9444 0470 or email

NAOMI Barnett of Melbourne would like to make contact with anyone who has information about the Lyons family of Leeds and London.

She explains: ''Fanny Samuels and Abraham Rose had several children. Their eldest daughter, Elsie, was born about 1874 in London. In 1880, Fanny and Abraham moved to Leeds.

''Around 1897/1898 Elsie married Isaiah (known as Dick) Lyons. This marriage produced 12 children namely Eva, Abraham, Frances, Jonas, Adolf, Rose, Sophie, Pheony, Henry, Albert, Doris and Lou-Lou.

''On the census of 1901 Elsie and Dick were living at 1 Hawkins Street, Mile End Old Town, London.'' Write to 2 Capri Court, Doncaster, Melbourne, Australia 3108 or email

JONNY Joseph of Los Angeles is trying to find members of his grandfather's family.

He writes: ''My grandfather, Isaac Joseph, married Fanny Greenberg in Leeds. According to the 1901 census, my grandfather had four brothers in Leeds.

''I have traced and located the descendants of two of them. The other two - Reuben and Alick Joseph - have eluded me. Reuben was married to Annie, while Alick was only 14 at the time.

''My grandfather's first wife, Dora Levensten, and their infant daughter, Anne, are also listed in the 1901 census, but nothing is known about them. I knew their son, Henry, who passed away in South Africa in the mid 1960s.

''My great-grandparents, Louis and Mary Joseph, were also in Leeds then and may be buried in Leeds.''

Write to 2730 Selby Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA or email

DR BERNARD Spencer of London is trying to locate part of his family in Manchester.

His father's cousins were called Miller and they were in the raincoat business producing Dhobi and Barracuta coats. Write to 3 Akenside Road, Hampstead, London NW3 5BS, or email

IAN Tresman of Borehamwood is seeking descendants and families of Berlinerblau, Farbiarz, Koplovitch, Pinchefsky, and Warshawsky. Visit for more details. Write to 9 Ashdown Drive, Borehamwood. Herts WD6 4LZ, telephone 020 8953 7722 or email

JACQUELINE Lee (nee Levine) would like to make contact with old school friends from Waterloo Road Jewish School and King David.

She is trying to find Lorraine Sistaad who used to live in Hove, Brighton; Myra Levine who used to live in a shop on Bury New Road; Marie Moss who used to live on Vernon Street, Hightown; Keith Appleby who used to live in Agecroft Road, Prestwich; and Valerie Wexler who used to live in the Bury New Road area. Write to 3 Crosslands, Prestwich Hills, Prestwich, Manchester M25 9QT or email

JOHN and Carol Chamley of Blackburn would like to trace the history of this badge.

''We have searched for information on the internet and found a reference to the Grand Order of the Sons of Jacob Friendly Society of Manchester 1933-90, but no details.

''From the maker's mark on the reverse we know it was made by Louis Simpson of York Road London which was renamed York Way. It measures over two inches across.''

Write to 62 Tenby Close, Blackburn, Lancashire BB1 8JD.

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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