KEITH Wilson of London is trying to trace relatives/descendants of Isidore Leonard Solomon who originated from Wilkavishkus in what is now Lithuania but was Russia.

Isidore was born in 1870 and came to Britain in the 1890s. He worked in offices in Wigan, Bolton and Manchester for a Mr F Stone and died in 1918 while on a business trip to London.

Mr Solomon had relatives in both Manchester and Highbury in London. One relative was Joseph Cohen whose wife was Mr Solomon's cousin. Isidore's father was Abraham and his mother Bassa.

Mr Solomon lived in various places in Manchester, including Cheetham Hill Road, and Broughton.

Isidore learned to speak English in three months and was much respected in the local community. He was granted British citizenship around 1915/16.

Write to 55 Aston Road, London SW20 8BG, telephone 0208 542 0783 or email

BASIL Zive of Ontario wants to trace the descendants of Eli Zive who settled in Ayrshire from Russia/Poland around 1888.

Basil's father James (Jacob), one of Eli's sons, emigrated to South Africa around 1920. He was born in 1879. The other siblings are David (born 1876); Reganai (born 1878); Hyman (born 1884); Lewis (born 1886); Tina (born 1890); Manuel (born 1892) and Hannah (born 1893, died 1919)

Reganai married Lionel Polson and had a daughter Judith in 1912. Lewis married Betty Goodman and had children Samuel David (1916) and Bernard Lizar (1918) who married Leah Rebecca Remz and had children Paul Edward (1953) and Betsy (1948).

Tina married Philip Newman.

Basil was born in Durban, South Africa in 1930 but now lives in Canada.

Contact Apartment 1615, 7601 Bathurst Street, Thornhill, L4J 4H5, Ontario, Canada, telephone 905-7624665 or email

SANDY Gibson of California is looking for any Taylors who migrated from Leeds to Chicago around 1903.

They then went on to Denver and were there in 1936, with a jewellery store. The family name was Kravitz but got changed to Taylor.

Sandy's great grandmother was Elizabeth Kravitz (married to David Marks). They are listed on Primrose Street on the 1901 census.

However, when Sandy finally got her grandmother's birth certificate (born 1896 in Leeds), her mother was listed as Elizabeth nee Taylor Marks on Mason Street, Leeds.

Sandy would like to hear from any Marks who migrated from Leeds.

''It is strange that the 1891 census lists no Marks, but the 1901 census has about 19 Marks families listed almost all from Russia,'' Sandy adds. ''I have to believe at least some were related to each other. Ditto on the Taylors.''

Write to 7103 Village, 7 Camarillo, CA 93012, USA, telephone (805) 484-7697 or

JAMIE Roberts is trying to discover his Jewish roots. He has been told that his great-grandmother on his mother's side was Jewish.

Her name was Mary Francis Bidgood. Her married name was Tyrell. Jamie wants to trace the Jewish line through his grandmother Joan Barbara White.

Write to 7 The Brewery, Violets Lane, Furneux, Pelham, Herts SG9 0LF or email

DAVID Cohen of New Zealand wants to correspond with descendants, families or anybody else with a connection to on his grandparents, Jacob David Cohen and Rachael Cohen (born Levy), who lived in Gillingham during the 1930s.

They had one child, a son, Lionel Harris Cohen, born November 1932.

Write to 37B Cleveland Street, Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand or email

A LOCAL wholesale jeweller visiting a customer in a Bury, Lancashire, shop over Chanucah was surprised to be offered an unusual piece of Judaica.

The owner showed David Liberoff an antique musical menorah which bore the inscription ''Presented to Mr D Supkovitch ex president of the Dunk Street Hebrew Congregation - October 1938.''

Mr Liberoff said: ''When the winder turned the strains of Maoz Tsur emerged. It gave me a chill seeing this ancient menorah especially as it was Chanucah."

A non-Jewish woman, who had inherited the gift from a Jewish friend, had brought the silver-plated menorah into the shop.

Mr Liberoff said: ''I would like the menorah to be returned to a relative of Mr Supkovitch."

If you are related to the late D Supkovitch, telephone 0161-767 9060.

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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