THE disappearance of his grandmother has fascinated Brian Fisher of Canada.

He writes: ''After midnight, I am sitting in my little house in an isolated hamlet in Northern Sask, Canada, over a hundred miles from the nearest major city, contemplating the disappearance of Adelaide Agnes Jacoby.

''In November 1931, a young married woman of Jewish descent disappeared from her husband and seven children, from Tomstown, Ontario, seemingly to be lost forever to the memory of the family.''

Adelaide moved to Stratford, Ontario, around 1913 and married William Charles Peters on August 22, 1913.

She raised seven children - one of whom died at the age of four - in the remote Northern Ontario hamlet of Tomstown.

''My mother May Fisher and her other siblings were not able to make any contact after that disappearance,'' Brian adds.

''There had been no contact with Adelaide's family in London, England, making a connection to the family impossible after Adelaide's disappearance.

''My mother wondered about her mother for 67 years and then died to leave the burden of search to myself. I have sent letters to every Jacoby family in London, England without success.''

Adelaide was the daughter of Henry Jacoby and Mary Bayliss, whilst William Peters, a machinist, was the son of Charles Peters and Louise Boner.

Adelaide's birth was registered at St Anne Soho, London in 1902, although there is no record of her passage to Canada.

There are also no death records in Canada or England.

Brian writes: ''Adelaide is a person who walked through this earth and seemingly vanished without a trace. Henry and Mary Jacoby also seem to have no records that I can access.

''There doesn't seem to be a record that they ever existed, except for their mention on the marriage certificate of their daughter Adelaide.''

He adds: ''It is my understanding that Adelaide had some brothers. The descendents of these brothers may have family that have chronicled the events of their family that could shed some light on the mystery disappearance.''

Contact Box 38, Victoire, SK, Canada S0J 2X0 or email him at

JUDITH Williams of Leeds is making an appeal on behalf of her uncle, Philip Rose.

Philip, originally from Manchester, but now living in Bournemouth, would like to trace his old friend Nat(han) Goldstone from Manchester.

Nat, who would be in his 80s, was married to Sheila and they had a son. Judith is also researching a family by the name of Segaller.

Benjamin and Mary Segaller were living in Camp Street, Lower Broughton, Salford in 1901 with their children Emily, Annette, Sarah, Helen, Philip and Clara.

''There are only two families of this name shown in the census and my great aunt married into the other one,'' Judith says.

''It seems possible that her father-in-law, Simon Segaller, and Benjamin were related, more than likely brothers.

''I have recently 'found' her son and grandson and we would now like to find out more about Benjamin's family and see if we can make a connection.''

Write to 3 Primley Park Mount, Leeds LS17 7JL, or email Judith at

SANDRA McDowell of the Isle of Mull is looking for any Hanifords or Simons to help trace back family roots.

Write to 33 Riverside Court, Tobermory, Isle of Mull PA75 6RF, telephone 01688 302701 or email

REV Peter Hewis of Oxford wants to find a Jewish schoolfriend.

Rev Hewis attended Rivington and Blackrod Grammar School near Bolton in the 1950s. Morris Hyman was the only Jewish boy at the school. His parents owned an electrical shop in Horwich and attended synagogue in Manchester.

Contact Harris Manchester College, Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TD, telephone 01865 372265 or email

JEREMY Hanson is researching the history of the Derby Jewish community and the now defunct Hebrew congregation.

Anybody with knowledge, memories or photographs of the shool, should write to 50 Randall Avenue, Dollis Hill, London NW2 7ST or e mail

MARIA Dean of Gosport wants information on the Olanitsky family, who originally lived in Charlotte Street, Manchester.

The family then moved to the Lower Broughton area of Salford until their deaths in the late 1990's.

Maria's grandmother Jane (Leah) was the only child of the Olanitsky family to marry, but she died at a relatively young age in the 1950s.

The other children were Sophia (Simmy), Maurice and Hymie.

Hymie was deaf and unable to speak, whilst Maria believes Maurice attended a synagogue on Leicester Road, Salford.

Write to 24 Bosham Walk, Peel Common, Gosport, Hants PO13 0QJ or email

SANDRA Vincent of Essex is looking for the family of a boxing promoter called 'Barber' Green.

He was married to the sister of Sandra's grandmother Yetta Brodie.

''When I was a child in the 1950s we were always going to simchot in Leeds,'' Sandra says. ''I believe the name was Burke (Burkofsky) I think Yetta had a cousin called Joe who lived in Toronto.''

Write to 12 The Friars Chigwell Essex or email

DOREEN Riley of Blackburn is searching for Stewart and Harvey Basgar, whose father opened a tailoring business in 1968 for 'Burtons' in the Moscow Mill area of Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancs.

The works were called Gesham, and the foreman Yacob. The supervisor was Mrs Mattison.

Harvey and Stewart, 54, have a younger brother named Jonathon.

Write to 226 Blackburn Road, Great Harwood, Blackburn, Lancs BB6 7LX, email

ALAN Marks of Australia wants to find his uncle Teddy Schneider. Teddy, who was known as Teddy Taylor, was born in London in 1912. Alan recalls seeing him in the early 1940s when he visited Glasgow where Alan lived at that time.

Write to 54 Durrant Street, Brighton, Victoria, Australia 3186, or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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