JULIE Shapero of South Africa is trying to find details about her grandmother Mary Shapero (nee Livingstone).

According to the 1901 Census, Mary's parents Jacob and Sarah Livingstone, along with their children, Lazarus, Percy, Lily and Jane(y) - as well as Janey's two daughters, Rachael and Lily - were living at 10 Milton Street, Parish of St Paul's, Middlesbrough.

Jacob came from Snoalk in Poland whilst Sarah was from Plag, Poland.

But Julie has yet to find any mention in the Census of Mary or her husband Morris Shapero.

''I know they were in England at the time because I have a copy of my uncle Harry's birth certificate,'' she writes.

Harry was born on September 26, 1903 and registered at 101 Great Moor Street, Greater Bolton and Lever.

Mary's death certificate states that she was Russian and her youngest sister's death certificate, which Julie has found in Cape Town, states she is Lithuanian.

Mary and Morris (Moses) were in South Africa by 1906.

Janey and her husband Louis Cohen also emigrated to South Africa.

Janey was married in Prestwich Synagogue on September 18, 1894. Mendel (Marks) Shapero, was married on May 4, 1893 also at Prestwich.

Mary and Morris were married on June 20, 1898 in Blackburn Synagogue.

Email or write to Julie's cousin Angela Lambert, Vine Cottage, South Street, Avebury, Trusloe, Wiltshire SN8 1QX or telephone 01672 539352.

NISHA Chirnomas of Arizona is trying to find descendants of Cohen relatives from Svisloch, Belarus.

The family are believed to have emigrated to Manchester.

Nisha's grandfather, Abraham Levin, had two brothers - Maisha (Morris) and Israel.

Israel and wife Raizel emigrated to Montreal. Abraham died a young man in Svisloch, but Nisha's grandmother, Elke Fuks, emigrated to Montreal in 1913 with her six children.

Morris and wife Golda Silver, emigrated to Montreal and then to Burlington, Vermont.

One child, age 92, is still living.

Abraham, Morris and Israel's parents were Celia and Zusman Levin. Zusman had two brothers - Jankel and Schmuel, both rabbis. Their father was David.

Write to 16420 North Thompson Peak, Pkwy Unit, 1038 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260, USA or email

RITA Radivan of Whitefield, is looking for anyone with knowledge of Rev Moses Max Cohen (formerly Moses Mordechai Mikoczinsky).

He was minister at the New Synagogue, Cheetham Hill Road, from around 1904 to 1919 and afterwards, until around 1940, he was minister at South Broughton Synagogue, Bury New Road.

Telephone 0161-766 1551 or email

SHAUN McGrath of Oldham wants information on his grandfather Myer Rosenberg, the son of Louis Rosenberg.

Myer was born in 1886 and in 1917, he married Katie Bostock.

According to Shaun, marrying outside the faith caused a permanent split/separation from his family.

They were married in the parish of St John, Failsworth.

Write to 7 Littlemoor House, Littlemoor, Oldham L4 2RQ.

MICHAEL Glick, an American living in London, is trying to locate relatives of his late grandmother, Rose (Rosie) Gershon (Glick).

Rose was the daughter of Sarah (nee Bernstein) and Zacharia Gershon of 225 Rochdale Road, Manchester.

Rose was born in 1902 and lived until 1983; she moved to America around the 1930s where she married Michael's grandfather, Jack Glick, and lived in New Jersey.

Some of her siblings' names were Moris, Israel, Rachel, Sam, Mary and Hetty.

Write to Flat 130, Westfield, 15 Kidderpore Avenue, London NW3 7SJ or email him at

FRANCES Shapiro of New York is struggling with her family tree.

Both sets of her grandparents emigrated to London. Frances and her mother were born in London, whilst her father was born in Minsk, Russia.

Her grandparents were Sarah and Abraham Holman of Poland and Fannie and Noach Shapiro of Minsk - but Frances would like to know her grandmothers' maiden names.

Write to22 Jumping Brook Lane, Kingston, New York 12401, USA or email

DAVID Romney is trying to find information about his grandfather, Aaron Rumyaneck, who was a well-known figure in Leeds before the war.

Aaron, who died in 1946, was a Hebrew and Yiddish scholar and a very active Zionist. David visited him once in in Chapeltown.

Write to Professor of Applied Psychology, University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4, telephone (403) 220-5110 or email

DAVID Pearlstein of Las Vegas is trying to find relatives of Adele Levenson, whom he believes is his cousin.

Adele of Leeds was the daughter of Morris Levenson and his wife, whose maiden name was Rosenthal.

David's grandparents, Abraham and Annie Levenson, had seven children - Max Isaac, Kate, David, Harris, Morris, Michael and Wolf (David's father) - all born in Leeds between 1891 and 1900 at 81 Concord Street.

Write to 1400 So Valley View Blvd, Apt 2067, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102-1638, USA or email

ROOTS Directory regular Peter Jeans of Australia is looking for Tony and Janice Jeans, the adopted children of John (Jack) and Eve Jeans (late of Ceylon).

In the mid-1960s this family was living at Tintagel, Cornwall.

Write to PO Box 117, Bindoon, Western Australia 6502, telephone (618) 9576-1468 or email

PATRICIA Reed of Manchester would like information on her father Leslie Klein. He lived in St Annes and died in 1941.

Telephone 0161-941 5199 or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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