7/4/2000 ADELLE Weintraub, of Ohio, is looking for information about her grandfather’s brother, Jake Strakovsky, who moved to Leeds around 1899 from Tetiev in Kiev Gubernia.

His mother, two brothers and sister moved to Cleveland, Ohio, USA and he remained in Leeds.

At some point, Jake changed his name to Jack Stratton and married Annie.

He died in 1968, aged 84; and Annie in 1979 at the age of 93.

They had three children — Jenny, who still lives in Leeds and is in her 90s; Mona, who married Louis Lebosky (later changed to Lester) on July 10,1938 at the Newton Park Synagogue; and Sam/Sammy who also married.

Both Mona and Sam are dead.

The last correspon-dence that Adelle knows of was the invitation to Mona's wedding in 1938. The family lost track of each other at the start of the Second World War.

Adelle’s grandfather was called Moshe Strakovsky/Strako-ffsky.

Write to Gloger 23920, Fairmount Blvd, Shaker Hts, Ohio 44122, USA, telephone (216) 292-2665 or email

OUR second request also comes from Ohio. Hildi Korse says: ‘‘My great grandfathers were Joseph and Abraham Cohen. They were born to Moses and Anna Cohen.

‘‘The family emigrated to England after Abraham's birth in 1877, originating from Eastern Europe.

v ‘‘Abraham married Yetta in 1899 in Manchester and had two children — Esther (m. Janowsky) and Joseph (m. Rebecca known as Reva).

‘‘They moved to Los Angeles in 1904 and had two more children — Rebecca (known as Betty m. Leventhal) and Marcus (m. Dorothy). It was believed that Yetta was Abraham and Joseph’s cousin.

‘‘Her last name may have been Blumstein/Blumenstien/Bloomstein. She was born in Piotrkow, Lodz Poland.

‘‘The couple married at 24 Julia Street, Prestwich, Manchester, witnessed by S Silverstein and H Stern.

Joseph Cohen (Abraham’s brother) was born in 1869. He married Jennie Margolius (born in Memel, Germany) in Gorbals, Glasgow Scotland in 1891.

‘‘ They lived at 1065 Gallowgate in Glasgow prior to their marriage. ‘‘They had their first child, Isaac Elias (later changed to Ellis) in Edinburgh 1892 and left shortly afterwards for Montreal, Canada with Jennie's family. ‘‘They too moved to Los Angeles in 1904. Their other children included Daniel, Hilda, Ralph, Rebecca (Reva), Jacob and David.’’

Hildi believes that other children stayed in England and the family was originally known as Seid. She wants to know details about the following: Rachel Seid (m. Ward) and daughter Annie Ward, Arthur Seid (lived in Australia for a time) and Anita Cohen (m. David Rosenberg and had two sons,Howard and Raymond).

‘‘My great uncle David hosted family from England in the 1950s at his home in Los Angeles,’’ Hildi adds. ‘‘In the late 1960s my grandmother Reva and great aunt Betty went to visit family in England. Then in 1975, my second cousin, Jeff Cohen, went to visit family as well. ‘‘Our family lost touch with them shortly after that visit. I only know that the family lived outside Manchester during the 1970’s. I do not even know of a family name’’

Contact 312 Wilmington Drive, Loveland, OH 45140, USA, telephone (513) 583-0089 or email

SIMON Lewis, of Leeds, is looking for information on the current whereabouts of Alan Phillip Burns and his wife Bella who lived in Lakeland Crescent,Leeds 17 in the 1960s.

Contact Dale House,12 Wigton, Grove, Harrogate Road, Leeds LS17 7DZ, telephone 0113 2682243 and 0771 439 3456.

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