WEDDING DAY: Bertha Greenberg marries Morris Yankelovich around 1940

MARTIN Rubenstein of Israel is trying to trace any relatives of a great aunt and wants to fill in missing details for his family tree.

Bertha Yankelovich (née Greenberg) was born in the early 1900s and had two sisters, Molly and Jean.

She married Morris (Maurice) around 1940 and had one son, Malcolm.

Morris died in the early 1940s leaving her as a young widow. In 1946/7 Bertha was living in Thatch Leach Lane, Whitefield, Manchester, with Malcolm.

Bertha may have been a piano teacher and may have had a defective leg. She and Malcolm emigrated to America in the late 1940s possibly to the New York area.

Write to 11 Brosh Street, POB 254, Omer, Israel, telephone 009728 6469565, email or

ADRIAN Korsner of London came across his American cousin Glenn Easton after an internet search.

''I can't tell you how fantastic it was to receive photos of my long gone grandparents and even my late father as a boy, coming through the the internet from an apparent complete stranger,'' Adrian writes.

Glenn is now looking to find his father's family, the Epsteins, whom he believes emigrated to America from Liverpool.

His great great grandfather, Jacob Epstein, was born in Minsk and married Florence Freidel. They had several children including Samuel (his great grandfather), Sophie, Dora, Morris, Yonni, Joseph, and Zolnick, who apparently went to Liverpool.

Zolnick married and had several children including Doris, Frieda, Isaac, Rebecca, Belle, and another daughter.

Write to 52 Chandos Avenue, London N20 9DX or email him at

ROBERT Sims of Florida would like to find relatives of his grandfather Max Sinowitz.

Max stayed with relatives in England in 1904-1905. There may also be relatives of Robert's grandmother, whose family name was Sugarman.

He has located many Sinowitzes in America who were from the same towns in Poland.

''We know that there is family in the UK as well as South America,'' Robert says.

Write to 11471 W Sample Road, Suite 23 Coral Springs, Fl 33065, USA, telephone 001954-346-6112 or email

ALLAN Hirsh of Baltimore is trying to trace a Franc family.

James Franc married Jenny Heyn and they moved to Manchester from Germany around 1860.

They had had nine children - Caroline (born 1861), Herman (1862), Henry (1864), Charles (1866), Ida {1867), Alice (1868), Amelia (1872), Amy (1872), Albert (1879) - all born in Manchester.

Write to 11 Slade Ave, Apt 710, Baltimore, MD 21208, USA or email

BADEN Poole of Australia is looking for the roots of his grandfather Benjamin Nathan, who was born around 1858.

Benjamin married Clutha Mary Alice Whiting of Tasmania and they had 7 children - Les, Ben, Baden, Kathleen, Winifred (Baden's mother), Lilian,and Percy.

Baden received some information about a Benjamin Nathan that said he was the son of Benjamin and Eliza (Reece) and died, aged 70 in Elsternwick, Melbourne, in 1935.

Write to 73 Nerang St, Nerang, QLD 4211, Australia or email him at

CHARLOTTE Sachs-Isler of Israel is searching for descendants of Yisroel Isser Isler and Joseph Jacobovitch, both from Tarnov, Galicia, Poland.

Two of their children, Yitschak Isler and Zlate Jacobovitch, married and moved to Ropczyce around 1865.

Another cousin, also Yitschak Isler, married Buchsbaum and moved to Frankfurt.

Charlotte has been in touch with their daughter who does not know what happened to Yitschak except that he disappeared in 1939.

Charlotte's father, Moshe Menachem Isler, was the son of Yitschak and Zlate. They moved to Hanover, and before World War II, to Duisburg, in Germany.

Because of the war, Charlotte's parents never talked about the family.

Her grandfather died before the war, while her grandmother Zlate and one of her daughters, Malka, were deported to Ropczyce, and buried alive with all the other Jewish inhabitants of the town.

Her mother and one of her father's sisters were taken to Theresienstadt; another uncle, Meir, went to Israel before the war.

Parts of both families are known to have emigrated to London and Manchester.

Write to Echad Ha'am 10, Petach Tikvav 49472, Israel or telephone 972-3-930 6818 or fax 972-3-934 9471.

NEVILLE Weiner of Australia needs information on his family.

To complete his family tree he needs the full name, dates of birth and death for his great grandmother Lekovich Gerson. He also needs her husband's name and to know where they are buried.

Dates of birth are also needed for Fay and Bekky Gerson, while he wants to discover the full names of his mother's parents, Solly Gerson and Ruchel Gerson, along with their dates of births and deaths.

Solly and Ruchel used to live in Orchard Park, Giffnock.

Write to Neville's brother Phillip Weiner at 66 Norfolk Court House 205, Glasgow G5 9PF or telephone 0141-429 0969

AMERICAN L Ransom is trying to locate Alfredo Weiner who was born around January 29, 1923, in Vienna, Austria.

He fled the Nazis to Argentina and lived there until about 1963 when he moved to London.

Write to 1833 N Edgemont Street, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA or email him at

JOHN Cooper of Oxhey is researching the Phillips family which lived in the Manchester area in the late 1800s.

The 1871 Census for Manchester shows Abraham Phillips, aged 46, living at 12 Scholes Street, Manchester.

His profession is shown as a tailor and that he was born in Poland. His wife Jane (Jenette Want) is shown as 29, also born in Poland.

There were three sons and three daughters all born in Manchester. The eldest is shown as nine, so it would appear that Abraham and Jane came to England round about 1860.

In the 1881 Census, there were five sons and six daughters and the address was 2 Mayes Street, Manchester.

In September 1884 Anna married Harris Gollance, and on June 17, 1885 his oldest son, Phineas married Rebecca Cohen from Mayes Street.

Hyman had married Anna Prax from an address in Regents Street, Salford on January 14, 1885.

Abraham died on the June 1, 1884 at 2 Mayes Street and it is Hyman who has signed the death certificate.

In June 1890, Sarah married Myer Goldman and in September 1902 Rebecca married David Woolfe.

Jacob - John's grandfather -went to Edinburgh and was married to Bella Freeman on May 26, 1891.

Slaters Directory records both Hyman and Phineas in 1886 but only Hyman in 1889 and the 1891 Census gives Jane with six of her children but none of the other children, married or single, are recorded in the Directory for Manchester or in the 1901 Census for the whole of the country.

In the 1901 Census, Jane is living at 52 Roberts Street, Cheetham with Aaron, Sophia, Rebecca and Samuel, but Mr Cooper has been unable to find any of the other members on the Census. Other family names he is looking for include Want, Prax, Woolfe, Cohen and Goldman.

Write to 49 Cedar Road, Oxhey, Herts WD19 4QP, telephone 01923 245823 or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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