STAN Rose, of Chartridge, wants details on his grandparents’ family.
His grandfather, Avram-Elyash Gorn, of Vidukle, Lithuania (later Abraham Horne of London), was the son of Yankel Gorn, while grandmother Etta-Tsivya Levin (Sophia Horne), was the daughter of Nochin Levin of Yurburg (now Jarburkas), Lithuania.
The couple married in Riga February 15, 1880, when Sophia was 20 and Abraham 24. They came to Britain after the birth of their first daughter, Dinah (May 4, 1881).
But Sophia returned home to give birth to Bessie (Pesha, September 2, 1884).
The couple had another six children in London.
‘‘I understand that Sophia had two brothers who ran a trading post in an area that is now Johannesburg, South Africa,’’ Stan says. ‘‘The name Gorn was mis-spelt by London immigration officers as Harim or Horan and this eventually became Horne.’’

Contact ‘Mere’, Chartridge, Bucks HP5 2TF or email

SHEILA Levitt, of Netanya, is looking for as much information on her late grandfather Jacob Lukeman as possible.
Her family is holding a reunion in Safed in June and she wants to be able to give the younger members of the Lukeman clan the full story on Jacob, who was married to Rosie.
Jacob was born in 1868 in Krakes, Lithuania. The couple moved to Edinburgh in 1891 before settling in Liverpool, where he was a teacher in the Talmud Torah.
Jacob — a renowned Talmudic scholar — and Rosie had 10 children and eventually moved to Wallasey, where he died in 1933.
Most of his descendants — estimated at some 100 members — now live in Israel.

Write to 3/10 Nitza Blvd, Netanya 42262, Israel, telephone/fax 00 972 9 832 1151 or email

‘REDHEAD’ Sandra Sturm wants to get in touch with her old friends from Leeds.
Sandra, who moved to Haifa 30 years ago, is the daughter of Ann and Jack Levitt.
She lived in Mexborough Grove and then Stainburn Crescent.
‘‘Maybe some of my old friends remember me from the Jubilee Hall, Bnai Brith or Balfour Club,’’ she says. ‘‘My outstanding feature was my red hair — which I still have.’’

Contact 8 Kikar Meirhoff, Haifa 35153, Israel or email

BARBARA Graitzer-Kerman’s mother died when she was 15. She is now trying to find her uncle or his children.
Barbara’s mother Renee Lipkovitch-Graitzer left Manchester for America in 1946 with her mother Eva.
Renee’s brother was Meyer Lipkowitch, although he may have changed it to Mickey Lewis. He married Anne and had a son, Stephen.

Write to 187 Bent Tree Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418, America, telephone 001561 776-9715 or email

JUDI Smith, of Brighton, is trying to find out about her grandmother Jean Beatrice Lea who was born on September 17, 1905 and died in 1988.
Jean, who was possibly born in Russia, lived in Manchester for many years before moving to London. Her father’s name was Maximillian.
Judi says her grandmother had a son who died in a drowning accident in Manchester around the mid-1930s.
‘‘It was after this she moved to London,’’ Judi adds. ‘‘I believe she had a sister or an aunt called Annie.’’

Write to 3 Henge Way, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 2EP, or email

SMADAR Barak, of Jerusalem, wants information on Mordechai Lask who headed the Leeds Talmud Torah in the late 1940s.

Write to 16 King George Street, Jerusalem 94229, Israel, or telephone 0097226252497.

JOSEPH Leker, of Whitefield, would like to know if he is related to Israeli lawyer Shlomo Lecker who was featured recently in the Jewish Telegraph.
Joseph’s late grandfather, from Chernovitz, Bessarabia, was also called Shlomo Lecker.
When his father Avraham Yosef Lecker emigrated to Britain, he dropped the ‘c’ in his surname.
Unfortunately, Avraham died two months before Joseph’s birth.

Write to 30 Thatch Leach Lane, Whitefield, Manchester M45 6BE or telephone 0161 766 5212 .

EDNA Anzarut-Turner is currently preparing a family tree for her grandchildren.
But she needs help tracing distant cousins whose grandfather or great-grandfather was called Jack Anzarut.
Edna, of Canada, is the daughter of Edgar and Sophie Anzarut and the granddaughter of Leon David Anzarut and Caroline Melkenstein.
Her grandfather was Jack’s brother.

Write to 80 Brookside Avenue, Beaconsfield (Quebec) H9W 5C6, Canada or email

CALIFORNIANS Bruce and Judy Schneider are visiting Liverpool shortly.
Judy’s grandmother and great-grandparents were born and raised in Liverpool before emigrating to America. One of her great aunts remained in the area.
Her grandmother’s maiden name was Fleeter.

Contact 1017 Kingston Lane Alameda, Ca 94502, America , telephone (510) 522-1533 or email

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