JANICE Simmonds of Lytham St Annes has discovered that she has Jewish ancestry on her mother's side.

Her mother, Yvonne Sykes, was born on December 1, 1928. Yvonne's mother was Edith Woolley of Hadfield Road, Stretford.

Her father, Cyril Sykes, was a musician and had a pre-war dance band called Kit-Kats Club Band.

Cyril's parents were Harold Hildebrand Sykes (1880-1924) and Emma (1885-1954) who died in Cheetham Hospital.

Harold, a bank manager, worked for Mondes Nickleworks of Swansea.

Cyril had several siblings who lived in Manchester in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Cyril was born in October 1900 and died in Cheetham Hill Hospital in January 1951.

Other siblings were Leonard, Ernest, Malcolm, Ethel and Harold, but Yvonne believes there are another three at least.

Harold emigrated to New Zealand just before the Second World War. Leonard married Doreen and had two sons, Ainsley, who died of flu in the 1920s, and Ivanda.

Janice remembers seeing her greatgrandmother, Emma Sykes, who was the widow of Harold. Emma later became a Speakman and had two sons called Harold and Joseph.

They lived on Orient Street, Salford. When Emma died there was a family dispute over her will.

Janice would like to hear from anyone who remembers Cyril Sykes and his band or if anyone knows about Edith Woolley, who had two brothers and two sisters, Joan Boswell and Marjery Fowler.

Joan lived at 75 Conway Road, Sale, and had a son Roy.

Write to 39 Finsbury Avenue, Fairhaven, Lytham St Annes, Lancs FY8 1BP, telephone 01253 733786 or email her at

AUSTRALIAN Marie Isaacson Butterly is trying to trace any family members who may still be living in the UK.

Her grandparents were Hyman and Sarah Isaacson of Dublin. Hyman was the son of Eli/Elias/Edward Isaacson and Hanna Glasser Isaacson, both of Lithuania.

Hyman was born in Dublin in 1894 and had the following siblings - Henry (born approximately 1896), Sidney (1898), Isaac/Ike (1903), Bernard (Bill/Benny) (1907), Rebecca (1892), Molly (1900), Bertha (1902), Edith (1903), Sarah (Sybil) (1910) and Rachael (1909).

Marie believes Henry Isaacson changed his name to Isaac Henry and was a doctor in Birmingham.

One of his daughters may have been called Naomi.

Rebecca married David Myers and lived in London. Rachael married Maurice Milofsky and they changed the surname to Lewis.

Rachael died while still in her 20s. Bill also went to live in the UK.

Edith married a man named Morris, although Marie has also been told that she married a Silverman.

Bertha went to live in Canada and Sybil married Abe Silverman.

Write to 11 Bennett Court, Leeming, Perth, Western Australia 6149 or email

GARETH Saj of Liverpool is looking for information on his Jewish roots.

His mother, Diane Beverly Saj, was born in the 1950s. Her mother, June Barbara Trayling, was born in the 1930s and had a sister called Jacqueline (Jo) Anne Trayling.

June changed her name to Johnston and was the daughter of Fay Tabor Trayling. She married David Joseph Trayling.

Write to 55 Crossley Drive, Wavertree, Liverpool L15 8AJ or email him at

SHEILA Toffell came across the name Mrs H Shenker while going through her late mother-in-law's papers.

She believes Mrs Shenker of St Mary's Hall Road, Crumpsall, Manchester, was related to her through her father Gershon Lazarus.

Write to 10 Eton Place, Glen Rock, NJ, 07452 USA or email

RON Bower of Australia is looking for descendants of Victor Schwarz and Mary Watson.

Ron believes they had two daughters, Elena and Isabel, born in the 1950s.

Mary died in the Manchester area in 1996.

He also wants information on Theador Schwarz and Lilly Fishbein, who had three children - Victor, Walter and Marlene.

Marlene married Eric Hobsbawm and had two children.

Write to 39 Leopold Street, South Caulfield Vic 3162, Australia or email

YAAKOV Wise of Manchester University is appealing for any information on Jewish families living in Prestwich, Whitefield or Bury before 1914.

Telephone 0161 721 4746 or email

DAVID Conway of Glasgow is looking for information about the Feingold family.

His late mother, Gita, was the daughter of Phil and Sarah Feingold, both of whom died in Haifa.

''I'd like to know more about Phil's father, Mendel,'' David says.

Write to 53 Kirkintilloch Road, Lenzie, Glasgow G66 4LB or email

SANDRA Mishniot of New York wants to find photograph albums and trunks of antiques that were lost when her father George Wolfson died in 1972.

His last address was 36 Woodford Street, Glasgow. He formerly lived at 15 Waverly Gardens, Glasgow.

He spent his latter years in a care home in Glasgow.

Write to 315 East 86th Street, Suite 4WE, New York, NY 10028, USA or email

JOAN Breslow of California has discovered that some of her paternal family lived in Liverpool in the early 1900s.

Leah and Philip Goodman had five or six children, although only a couple were born in Liverpool - Bessie/Pessy, Irving (Itzak, Isaac). The family was probably from Gorodok, Vitebsk, Belarus area.

In Manchester, she is trying to trace the family of Rivka Fleischman's daughter Sora Ruchel (Sara Rose), who was born around 1895. Rivka was from Romania (Bessarabia). Write to 3127 Roadrunner Rd, San Marcos, California 92078, USA or email

FORMER au pair Ingvor Cederquist worked for Tony and Pearl Lewis in Northenden, South Manchester in 1963.

Ingvor, married to Irvine Grey, was from Jonkoping, Sweden, but now lives in Northern Ireland.

The Lewis family had three children - Andrew, Mandy and John. Ingvor believes that Tony Lewis died a few years ago but Pearl is still living in the South Manchester area.

Ingvor is visiting Manchester next week and would like to make contact with Mrs Lewis.

Write to 39 Calvertstown Road, Portadown, Northern Ireland, telephone 02838326751 or 07831 804000 or email

DAVID Oates of Yeadon recently bought an old Queen Anne dining suite.

''The antique dealer told us that it had been made by a company in Leeds known as 'Cheknik','' David said.

''Please could any of your readers possibly shed any light on the company's obviously esteemed local history? Was there any connection with them and the late chairman of Bridgecraft, Maurice Lee?

''I wonder is Cheknik a surname or a beautiful Russian adjective?''

Write to 1 'Oblamovka', Sunnybank Court, Yeadon, Near Leeds.

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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