PAULA Mackaway of Australia is desperately searching for lost relatives. Her grandfather was Max Aitken, born Myer Atken on January 6, 1912 in Glasgow.

When he was born, his parents were living at 130 Thistle Street, Glasgow. He married Colina Cassidy on April 11, 1931 and moved to Australia in 1954 with their two youngest daughters, Carol and Frances.

Their eldest daughter, Patricia, was married and had moved to Australia about 12-18 months earlier. At the time of Max and Colina's marriage, Max was living with his parents at 40 Dunmore Street, Glasgow. Patricia was Paula's mother.

Paula was born in Brisbane, Australia, in 1954. She is married with two children.

She says: "I have a brother who was born in 1956. Max had two brothers, I think. I know of one, Albert Atken, born in 1914 who also was known by the name Aitken. Albert married Gertrude Freedman in 1936."

Max's parents were Joseph and Rachel Atken (nee Cohen) who were married in Zagor, Russia on March 15, 1898 with the surname Chaiken.

After Rachel's death, Joseph married again on July 6, 1930 to Jeanie Factor (also known as Freedman). Jeanie had been living at 32 Govan Street, Glasgow. Her parents were Louis and Mary Factor, both deceased at the time of the marriage.

At the time of Joseph's death on September 13, 1946, the couple were living at 58 Rose Street, Glasgow.

"I have not been able to find out anything about the other brother or if Albert and Gertrude had any children,'' Paula said. ''I am desperate to get information on any of Max's relatives living in the UK.

"I am running out of options at this stage. Joseph and Jeanie had two witnesses at their marriage - S Labinsky of 114 Portugal Street, Glasgow, and Louis Blint of 17 Pitt Street, Glasgow. Does anyone know these people? Maybe they can help me.''

Write to 15 Boardwalk Avenue, Meadowbrook, Queensland, Australia 4131 or email

KAREN Parker need help tracing her mother's family.

Shirley Dean (Brodie) was the only child of Cissie Brodie and was born in 1940 in the Ardwick area of Manchester.

''Although my mother was never brought up Jewish she seems to remember things from her early childhood that make her believe that she has a Jewish background,'' Karen said.

''It was very difficult for her to find information of her background as her mother would never talk about it.''

Telephone 01637 880875 or email her at

MADELINE Best of Manchester is trying to find the home town in Poland of Abraham Hyman.

Abraham, who was born around 1883, moved to Salford/Manchester between 1851 and 1856. He married an Irish girl.

His father was Joseph Hyman and both men were tailors.

Write to 28 Bakewell St, Manchester M18 7AQ

HARRY Birchall of Nottingham wants information on Betsy Ginsberg who was born in Russia/Lithuania around 1883.

She moved to Manchester before 1907 and lived at 74 Delaunys Road Crumpsall.

Write to 5 Field Lane, Beeston, Nottingham or email

ANNE Young of Sheffield wants to find out details about a tablecloth which belonged to her parents.

The hand-made lace tablecloth was given to her mother Beatrice Irene Cohda when she married Leslie Ross at the Leeds Chassidishe Synagogue on August 15, 1932.

"All I know is that it was made and given by a Mrs Hassan,'' Anne says. "Who was Mrs Hassan, does anyone know? Or does anyone know of any other lace maker in Leeds at that time?"

Write to 18 Strelley Avenue, Sheffield S8 0BG or email

EUGENE Fisher of Bournemouth wants to trace his best friend from the Brigade.

Eugene last saw Bubi Marcowitch in Tarvisio in September 1946.

Write to F3 Princes Gate, 55 Grove Rd, Bournemouth BH1 3AW or email

MICHELE Anderson Trinafour of Abingdon is trying to trace the English family of a man she met in Lithuania.

Mark Burbaickij's aunt was Riva Bruckus who came from Kelme, Lithuania, and emigrated to South Africa.

Mark believes that she lived there between 1930 and 1940 and had two children. She moved to England, possibly after she was widowed.

Her parents were Golda and Moshe Burbaickij and she had a brother Urel, Mark's father, who was born in 1905.

Write to Abingdon Road Marcham Abingdon OX13 6NU or email

PETER Hinton of Alderholt wants to trace David Morris (or Mordkovich) whose family came from Russia (possibly Omsk) via South Africa.

In London in 1899, he married Katie Freedman, daughter of Aaron Freedman, originally from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Neither David nor the Freedmans feature in the 1901 Census.

Write to Treetops, Highwood Close, Alderholt, Fordingbridge SP6 3DL or email

SHIRLEY TRATTNER of Netanya is looking for cousins from Manchester.

The brothers, Meyer and Yitzchak Barres (Baris), were originally from Safed in Israel and lived at 371 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester 8.

Write to 19/18 Shlomo Hamelech, Netanya, Israel or email

MARTY Levin of New York wants to know if any of his great grandparents' siblings live in the UK.

Elias and Sarah Freedman Levin emigrated to Manchester from Russia. The 1901 census, said they had eight siblings - Miriam (19), Joseph (17), Rachel(16), Louis (15), Abraham (13), Nathan (10), Isaac (8), and Ethel (3).

Joseph was Marty's grandfather. He married Mary Silver and emigrated to New York in the early to mid-1900s.

Rachel, also moved to America, but never married.

Write to 70 Lyncourt Park, Rochester, New York 14612-3822 or email

HERMAN Sabo of Finland wants to trace the whereabouts of his Jewish relatives.

There is a branch of Herman's Eisenstein ancestors who left Poland in the 1930s for Colombia, South America.

Herman believes they later moved to South Africa.

Write to Harjutie 2, 25870 Dragsfjärd, Finland or email

GRACE Rosky of Virginia is looking for any information on Morris Goldstein who married Rachael (Raechel) Rosenbaum. They had two sons, William and Irving who was born on June 30, 1919.

Grace thinks they may have lived in Germany.

Write to 11004 Meadowlark Lane, Spotsylvania VA 22553, USA or email

JOHN Manson of Glasgow is looking for information on his grandmother Leila Kapper's family.

Jack Harry Kapper (Kapustinsky) was born in Manchester in the early 1900s. He died in Glasgow in 1956.

Minnie Shapiro was married to Jack. She died around 1976 and had two daughters and a son.

Jack was a clothing manufacturer in the East End of Glasgow until his death. John believes Leila, Jack's eldest daughter, ran the business.

Write to Flat 2/4 21 St Andrews Cress, Pollokshields, Glasgow G41 5SB or email

A NEW YORK native is appealing to the Jewish community in Manchester regarding any information regarding his late father.

Brian Newcombe believes his father, Frederick Newcombe, was a headmaster at a Jewish school in Manchester.

Contact Brian on: 001718 768 0110, email or write to 672 10th Street, Brooklyn, N7 11215, USA.

DUNIA McMaster of South Africa is trying to find her grandfather's 'lost' relations.

Isaac Louie Witten (Vitten) was born on October 28, 1892 in Panevezys, Lithuania.

When he was seven, he and his older brother were sent to school in the UK. Harry became a tailor and Isaac a cabinetmaker.

They stayed with an uncle, whose surname was Block (Bloch), their mother's brother.

Around 1918 they emigrated to South Africa. Harry was born in 1887 in Panevezys. He died on July 10, 1945.

Write to 6 Miller Road, Claremont, 7700 South Africa or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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