Lysbeth Ford of Australia wants to contact her first cousins, David and Barbara Gordon, children of Joe Gordon and Marion Bernstein.

Lysbeth would also like to find any descendants of Joseph Gordon and his wife Jeanie Cohen, or Harold Jack Ochfield (Fields), his wife Sandra Winetrobe, and any of their children.

Lysbeth's father Julius Gordon was the son of Morris Gordon and Jeanie Links. They married in 1901 in Kelvin Synagogue in Glasgow.

Jeanie's address is given on the marriage certificate as 46 South Wellington St, Glasgow. She was a cigarette maker, aged 19 and her parents were listed as Osiah Links, broker's assistant, and Hannah Links, nee Halpern.

Morris's address is given as 67 Burnside St, Glasgow. He was 28, a brushmaker (journeyman).

Morris's father was Isaac Woolf Gordon, naturalised, married to Rebecca Zilpert. They had three children: Joe, Morris, and Cillia, who married Samuel Ochfield, Harold Ochfield's mother.

Morris and Jeanie had four children - Joe, Lysbeth's father Julius, Cissie and Betty.

Cissie died in the 1960s, unmarried and childless.

Betty emigrated to the US with her husband, Bill Mair. They had one child, Gordon Mair.

Betty became a lawyer and got divorced.

Joe's wife was called Marion Bernstein. They had two children, David and Barbara.

Lysbeth remembers meeting Marion and Joe, as well as Cissie in Glasgow when she went to pick up her grandfather to take him on holiday to Dumfries and the Mull of Galloway.

"I also remember meeting a tall, handsome young man called Harold and a small woman in a fur coat, I thought was his mother, at Uncle Joe's," she adds.

"My father married out, and we were brought up not knowing we were Jewish. We thought we belonged to the Scottish Gordon clan and had kilts in Gordon tartans.

"When my father died in 1971, I found a small book in Hebrew in his bedside cabinet. My mother denied all knowledge of this. Yet we always had matzo meal in the house for my father's favourite dish, chicken soup with dumplings."

Write to P.O. Box 959 Parap, NT 0804, Australia or email Lys Ford

JUDITH Scarani of Pennsylvania is looking for any members of her family in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Judith's grandfather, Abraham Simon Halpern - born in Janow, Galicia in 1910 - and his parents Jacob Halpern and Judith Buckwald emigrated to America in 1913.

Jacob was born in Kopcynce but most of the Halpern family came from nearby Suchustow/ Jablanow. Other names in the family tree are Parness, Presser, Fleishner, Landau and Margulies.

Judith's grandfather used to talk about family members in Fall River who changed their name to White. They still lived there as late as the 1970s.

Census records show many Jewish families in Fall River with the name White.

Write to 200 Marple Rd, Broomall, PA 19008, USA or email

RONALD Cowley of Glasgow would like to meet his cousins whom he hasn't had contact with for 40 years.

Ronald's father, Eric Harry Cohen, changed his name to Cowley. His brother, Gerald, worked for two firms in Scotland and Ireland and was married to Nancy.

Ronald would like to meet Gerald's children.

Write to 7, Royal Crescent, Glasgow G3 7SL, telephone 0141 332 9859 or 07776 200206 or email

DAVID Tweedie of Northern Ireland is trying to trace any living relatives of his mother's father but he has hit a dead end because he doesn't know his name.

David knows that he lived in Greenhill Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester when his mother was born in 1925.

He also knows that his grandfather wanted to marry his grandmother Maud Emmens, but his parents would not allow it because she wasn't Jewish.

Write to 6 Molesworth Road, Cookstown, Co Tyrone BT808NR, Northern Ireland, telephone 02886761893 or email

TATIANA Krouglikova-Lvova who now lives in Canada is searching for her family.

Tatiana is the grandchild of Bertha Novakovsky, born December 6, 1903 in Gomel (Belorussia).

She was one of six children of Boruh Novakovsky and his wife Hanna. When she was 18, she married Peter Krouglikov-Lvov and they moved to Moscow.

"My grandma told me many times that her cousins were revolutionaries and they had to emigrate in different countries before the revolution of 1917," Tatiana said.

"But specially she mentioned her cousin in Manchester who became an architect and built many streets in Manchester. But he changed his name and became Nove - or something like that.

"My grandma was always afraid to find her parents because of the KGB. In 1985 I tried to find him or his children through the Red Cross, but I didn't get any results."

Bertha died in 1988.

Write to 4155, Wilson Av, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 2V1, Canada or email

KEVIN Travis of Jersey wants to find Jewish relatives of his father Peter Travis in Liverpool.

Peter said he is related to a family called Greenberg.

Write to 5 Eaton Mews, Clairvale Road, St Helier, Jersey, CI JE2 3AB or email

ANGELA Lloyd of Essex wants to trace her family.

She believes the family emigrated to England from Kovno between 1890 and 1900.

Angela's great-grandfather Aaron Meisel travelled with his siblings, Lazar, Mendel, Leia and Anna Meisel, but somehow got separated from them and ended up in London, whilst the rest of them went to South Africa.

"My great-grandfather never did go to South Africa and, although I have managed to contact most of my family in South Africa, they know just about as much as I do," Angela said.

Aarong changed his surname to Mizel but does not appear on the 1901 census.

Write to 52 Dewsgreen, Vange, Basildon, Essex, SS16 4NT or email

ROLAND Tompowsky of Sweden wants to make a number of appeals.

Firstly, he is looking for descendants of Samuel Tumpowsky who was born around 1848 in Lithuania. His wife, Ann nee Beason, was born around 1844 in West Bromwich.

They lived in Kings Norton, Worcester between 1870 and 1880. They had five children - Albert Samuel 1872, Marcus 1874, Flora 1876, Annie 1877, Rebecca 1879 and Hyman 1880.

Roland is also looking for descendants og John Edward (Glator?) Osmond, born around 1869. He married in 1898 at the Solihull register office to Annie Tompowski, born about 1877 in Kings Norton.

He would also like to hear from anyone with the name Tumpowsky(i), (Tumposky(i), Tumpofsky(i) - the second letter has also been an a, e, i and o.

In 1941, the last Jews in Kudirkos Naumiestis (former Wladyslawow) were taken to the forest and shot by the Nazis.

One of Roland's family branches was present and killed. It was Zalmen (Zelmen) Tumpowsky, born 1906, his wife Mina nee Poliwansky, born 1906, and their two children, Nuna Nesija Tumpowsky, born 1930, and Chana Ana Tumpowsky, born 1934.

In 1984, Ada Cohen nee Polivanski told the Hall of Names in Jerusalem, Israel, about the loss of this family.

"This Ada might have been a sister to Mina Tumpowsky and as I do know very little about the ancestry of this Tumpowsky family, I would be very happy to be in contact with any person who knows Ada or her descendants," Roland said.

Write to Prästakullegatan 21, 432 37 Varberg, Sweden, telephone 0046 340 92754 or email

GORDON Orr of Israel knows almost nothing of his grandparents Oscar Ostrofsky and Rose Hoffman.

Oscar was born in Kiev around 1890 and died in London around 1953. He arrived in England around 1904/05 and married Rose in 1910.

he lived and worked as a barber in the East End of London or Hackney. He lived for a time in Leeds where my father was born.

At some stage he changed his name to Davis. The couple had five children - Harry (Gordon's father, born 1917) Simon, Sadie, Ann and Esther.

Write to Nitsan, 37 Shlomit, Israel 22832 or email

HELEN Manley of Warwickshire is looking for descendants of Etty and Abraham Clyne and Dene and Abraham Rose.

Etty and Dene were the sisters of Helen's great grandmother Sarah Harwood nee Crown.

They both lived in Manchester - Dene in Broughton and Etty on Bury New Road. Etty had three children - Lilly, born 1889, Hyman, 1891, and Essie, 1899.

Helen would also like to speak to anyone who has heard of The Four Sunbeams, the theatrical troupe that Sarah belonged to. She was a dancer and vocalist and, because there were two Sarahs in the group, adopted the stage name of Dolly, the other Sarah being Gypsy.

Write to Honeysuckle Cottage, Chesterton, Warwickshire CV33 9LG or email

ANDY White of Kent wants to discover more about his grandfather Baron Harris.

Baron was from a Jewish family that came from Russia towards the end of the 19th century. He was a jeweller who had a premises in Botley, Oxfordshire in 1940.

Baron met Andy's grandmother who was much younger than him, and they had a daughter in October 1940. Baron found out he was terminally ill and returned to his family in the Manchester area, without his family knowing about his daughter.

Baron died on August, 30, 1941 at 407 Bury New Road, Salford, aged 51. He had a brother called Ernie and a sister Rachel.

Write to 54 Cross Lane West, Gravesend, Kent DA11 7PY, telephone 01474 320439 or email

ELLE Schorr of Florida is continuing to look for relatives of the family of Julius Pollick and Esther Baum Pollick of Manchester, who were married in the early 1870s and raised 13 children.

Elle has created a family tree website, which now has 511 entries. Julius was born in Kovko, Lithuania and his original name was Pulerewitch.

His sister Sophie married a man named Rattner and is said to have moved to the US. They came from Lithuania with a cousin who changed his name to Peller.

Elle is also looking for information about the family of Barnett and Theresa (Flancenbaum) Baum, of Manchester. They were the parents of her great grandmother, Esther Baum Pollick.

In addition, Elle wants to find the family of Barnett and Ethel Blumenson, the parents of her grandmother and five other children, all born and raised in Manchester.

The family of Debbie and Leon Gis continues to live in the Manchester area.

Ethel's maiden name was Landy. Her mother was Ethel Levy Landy.

Write to 7398 Water Dance Way, Lake Worth, Florida, USA or email

DAVID Pearlstein of Las Vegas wants to locate any members of his father Wolf Levenson's family.

His uncle Michael's surname was recorded as Leveson on his marriage certificate to Millie Nayman in 1927 when they were married in Leeds.

Write to 1400 So. Valley View Blvd, Apt 2067, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89102 or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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