SIMCHAS   19/9/14

Extraordinary Joe helps out after simcha

JOE CHINN wanted to do something to help people less fortunate than him when he celebrated his barmitzvah in Israel.

So after marking his big day at the Western Wall, the kind-hearted youngster helped out at a nearby Colel Chabad soup kitchen.

King David High School pupil Joe, of Manchester, was joined in Jerusalem by parents Nora and Adam, brothers Joshua, Avi and Dan and sister Talia.

Adam, who is originally from Southport, said: "Joe said he wanted to do something special to mark the day.

"We are really proud of him. It was Joe's initiative - he is a kind person and the type of kid who would give you his last sweet."

A Liverpool FC fan, Joe also plays football for Manchester Maccabi's under-14s.

He is pictured with his dad and brothers.

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