SIMCHAS   27/11/15

Raw delight


THERE was Raw delight at Sinai Synagogue as twins Sasha and Brad Raw enjoyed a joint batmitzvah and barmitzvah at Sinai Synagogue.

The Allerton High School pupils are the children of Mark and Michelle Raw, of Whinmoor. Joining the celebrations was brother Hieu.

Grandparents Lynda and Paul Groiser and Sima and Stanley Raw, along with great-grandmother Jessie Gosier were present for the coming-of-age celebrations of the Leeds United fans.

So proud

THE proudest moment of his life! That's how Max Kuhillow, of Hale, Cheshire, described his barmitzvah call-up . . . two days before he lehened and read maftir and haftorah at South Manchester Synagogue, Bowdon. Max - son of Mark Kuhillow and the late Leora Kuhillow and stepson of Vanessa Kuhillow, is a Manchester Grammar School pupil.

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