SIMCHAS   26/5/17

Leah will celebrate in Glasgow and at Kotel

LEAH Neville performs the first part of her batmitzvah tomorrow at Shul in the Park, Maccabi.

The second part will be at the Kotel in the summer so that she can see friends in Israel who cannot come to Glasgow.

Leah, who will be 12 tomorrow, has been studying with Lubavitch's Sora Jacobs for the past two years.

She will celebrate her simcha with mum Karyn, stepdad Gilly, father Richard Hale, stepmum Louise, younger brothers Isaac and Adam and grandparents Cindi and Denis Neville.

Leah is a cheerleader at The Jam Dance and Cheer.

She is due to take part in a cheerleading competition in Liverpool in June.

Her most recent competition was the National Championships where her team was placed 3rd in Scotland.

Leah also dances, plays badminton with Maccabi and is a member of the UJIA Ethiopian Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning Club.

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