SIMCHAS   5/7/19

Yael’s the key to love for happy couple

IT WAS a match made in heaven for Mancunian Sarah Chocron and Choni Amar, of London.

For a shidduch made by Yael Mendelson led to the couple marrying at Ohr Yerushalayim, Salford, by three rabbis — Rabbi Mordechai Nissim of London, the bride’s grandfather Rabbi Shmuel Chocron and Rabbi Asher Zrihen, the Chief Rabbi of Mexico.

Sarah, a secretary for Tmimei Lev School and Torah Tots integrated nursery — where her mother is the manager — is the daughter of Yael and Asher Chocron.

Her father is a kosher food consultant for Manchester Beth Din.

Choni is the son of Meyer and Yudith Amar.

Guests attended from Israel, France, Mexico, Canada, Spain and America.

The couple will settle in Manchester.

Sam and Laura marry in Israel

THE age-old rivalry between Mancunians and Scousers was put to one side as 27-year-olds Sam Farage and Laura Stolberg were married in Nashanim, Israel, by Yeshurun Synagogue’s Rabbi Chanan Atlas — 10 years after they first met.

Laura, the daughter of Suzanne and Jeremy Stolberg, of Gatley, works in marketing recruitment, while Sam, the son of Keeley and Yacove Farage, of Liverpool, works in property.

Bridesmaids were Amy and Jessica Stolberg, Hadas and Ella Farage and Carly Becker, while flower girl was Isobel Stolberg.

Guests attended from Israel, Britain, Thailand and America.

The couple will settle in Hale Barns.

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