Pesach influx heralds a summer tourism boom

HUNDREDS of thousands of visitors poured into Israel for Pesach. And tourism chiefs hope it will herald a boom that lasts through the summer and High Holy Days.

Thereís so much for them to see, too. For Israel is a vibrant country, full of energy and positive vibes, weaving together past and future, tradition and modernity.

Whether you are looking for Tel Avivís stunning beaches, sea views and entertainment or Jerusalemís mystique, history and archaeology, make sure to spend time in both and allow yourself to soak up the special atmosphere.

Neve Tzedek is one of Tel Avivís oldest districts ó at the same time itís young and full of life.

Its fashionable style, combined with boutiques, galleries and craft shops make it a really popular choice for visitors and natives alike, looking to experience Europe style in the Middle East.

You can also find trendy European restaurants there, alongside stylish bistros.

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